Trading 2016

Since we don't exist in a vacuum, and since we are such social creatures that thrive in social networks where we gain knowledge, support and validation, I'll be focusing on stocks mentioned by some trusted traders. So for 2016, I'll be tracking the indexes, and a small slew of equities.

These are the indexes, equities and etf's that will be tracked and traded for 2016.


Equities on Track 04/06/14

IMAX - could definitely head lower and test the 200dma and 50dma. Notice the failed breakout.

LYV - popped back above the 50dma but then gave it all up. Could have triggered short entry under 21.5 or 21.25. Looks like it heads lower.

WWE - under 27 and this could see 24's. Notice how it was riding the 20dma and is now trading under it.

WFC - held up nicely despite lousy market. Have to watch action on Monday.

BAC - definitely looks like it is headed lower. May try to push back above 50dma, but this could test 16 soon.

C - want to short this under 47 with target of 45. May scale out to protect profits.

BAP - finally looks ready to pullback. Hitting overbought levels and resistance. Breakouts have been failing and this one could too. Short or stop at 145.

V - tested 205 as expected. Let's watch.

MA - may bounce a little off 200dma. So short on pops. This looks like it wants to test 67. Stop above HOD.

PAY - could test 32 or 30. Looks like it is resting for another move up.

TZA - could buy on here or on dips with an add above the 50dma. Looks like it wants to start trading above the 50dma.

AAPL - watch the 50dma

FB - looks like it will test 55 and under.

LNKD - looks liek it wants to test YTD low of 160

EBAY - watch the 200dma

DANG - watch the 50dma

BIDU - looks like it wants lower, but may flag too.

TWTR - still think this is cheap here. Stop under 40 - this is a long swing play.

TSLA - stop under 209 - buy back around 20 or 195.

F - missed the 15.55 entry.  Now watch. Notice recent death cross.

ORLY - watch.

AAP - watch. Not sure volume justifies the price action.

FLSR  - watch.

TSL - looks like it wants to go lower.

CSIQ - could head lower as well. Watch support.

CANV - might be cheap here.

Thoughts for 04/07/14

AXLL - seemed to hold up despite a lousy market. Could buy on dips near 47 with a stop near 45.5. Watch for false breakouts, but 49 and 50 are key levels.

ITUB - watching this since it looks like it needs to rest. This could pullback to 14.65 area. Let's see if 15 holds. Watch for false breaks.

RPAI - at a key level here for a break, but notice doji like candle and declining volume over last few days. Might need to rest a little before another leg up. Could go sideways. 14.90 is key.

DGI - could easily head lower. Watch for LOD break.


Market should get a little bounce soon. Hopefully Monday but it could be Tues. Of course the economy, both here and overseas will have an impact. A lot of these longs/bounces are contingent on the markets bouncing a little. Keep an eye on tech.

TNA - on watch to see if the doji is a short term reversal . Could buy near LOD 73.53 with stop at prev LOD. Watch for gap ups. Look to buy near prev open on gap. This is a tight stop.

LYV - watch above the 50day. Stop prev LOD.

WWE - This is oversold and might bounce here a little. Buy with a stop under LOD. Short gainer.

BAC - due for a green day. Entries on 15.85 hold and break of 17.19.

C - possible short under 47.

BAP - watch 136 break or parabolic move for short.

V- could test 205 but may pop a little here. Short on pops. Stop above 218.

MA - same as V. Could bounce a little here but should head lower. Short on pops with a stop above 75.20

FB - posted a hammer with no follow thru. Watch 58.58 or 62 for entries. This is looking oversold and about to hit support levels.

YHOO - watch above HOD as this may test 20day.

** AMZN - Interesting candles and level here. Should bounce if market shows some love. Looks oversold as well. Entry as near 200dma with tight stop. Watch volume.

LNKD - looks like it is trending downward. In a channel and could test 20day or higher. Don't really like this chart.

GOOG - interesting harami. Is oversold. Will it bounce? Stop under 1100.

DANG - may bounce a little. Not quite oversold. Look to see if this tests 13s qith a stop under 13 0r 12.50.

BIDU - watch a move above 151.90 stop under 200dma.

TWTR - is cheap here. Buy above 47.83 stop under 45.80s

TSLA - needs to break thru 216.44ish but it looks like it really wants lower prices. Could buy here with a stop under the 50dma.

ORLY - nice if it gets through the 20dma with volume.

PBY - could head lower. Watch the 50dma.

PRTS - watch 3's

TSL - could bounce. Watch volume and open.

CSIQ - watch under LOD 30.85.

MDT - looks like it wants to go higher. A little overbought but watch above 61 or near 60. Stop below LOD or 59.65 or 20dma.

SYK - watch over 81.

Thoughts For 03/31/14

CONN - watch recent highs. Are these tweezer tops or a res level to break.

NFLX - definitely oversold and at a key support level, but the bounce may not be significant. Watch the low or 351 for entries. Due for a green candle.

MPEL - nice reversal candles. Watch/buy above 38 with stop under 36.6

AMBA - could get a bounce here for short term. Stop under 25.31ish.

Equities on Track

TZA - over 15 or the 20dma 15.15 looks good.
LYV - short near 20day or under 22.20ish
BAC - bearish belt hold?
V - watch the 50dma
CANV - nice candle.
TRTC - watch the 20dma.
TWTR -watch over 51
ORLY - see if this gap holds.
PBY - watch for a pullback here.
PRTS - look for a break of 3.
FCEL - filled the gap.

Thoughts for 03/23/14


YELP - could bounce here at this significant support level. Keep in mind that there are fears over China and the Ukraine. Could buy here near LOD with a stop under 81.

KR - still waiting to see what this does. Should move soon. My thoughts are it goes lower.

CIT - was a quick play. It broke out later in the week. This should pullback a little to test 200dma.

SO - still has room to go north. Watch the LOD.


DWA - hitting a pretty strong support level here. Watching for a possible bounce. Watch that 26.50 support level.

CCRN - could see near 7.50's. Watch 8.50 - 8.24 levels.

CYTR - really oversold. Watch the 200dma for a bounce or break.

FAZ - could pop back up to the 20dma.


DNKN - look for a 20dma bounce.
ODFL - watch above 57.
PANW - watch the 20dma.
PII - piercing? Watch under 138.